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Harrisonburg Daily News Record

"I would first like to apologize to your husband, who I doubted when purchasing a lotion bar. This was mainly due to the fact I have had so many people tell me what would be the best product for my extremely dry, itchy, cracked hands. And believe me when I say I tried everything and some worked until I would wash my hands. All this being said, I am using the lotion bar as directed by your husband and the results are incredible. This is the product that I wish I would have known about a long time ago. My hands are amazingly better than ever before and I would like to thank you very much. I am using the lotion bar twice a day, morning and before bed and have started using your soaps. I could go on and on, but mainly I wanted to thank you for an incredible product that really and truly works. Thanks for your time and attention. I will continue using your products.  "

"In the past I have tried other vendor’s soaps, but was not actually sold on them, until, on an impulse, I purchased your Wrinkle Defy soap.  I guess vanity took over!!  I have not used soap on my face for over 35 years.  Until now!  When I look in the mirror now, I can't believe the difference in just a couple of weeks.   I am so happy with how my skin looks now.  Thanks for creating the soap and I love how you have used all the natural ingredients. You made me love my skin again.

"My daughter has really bad eczema.  We bought two bars of soap and two containers of the lotion.  Within 3 weeks, my daughter’s skin was cleared up.  We have been going to the dermatologist spending lots of money on ointments and steroids to not have them work. Thank you so much! 

"Oh - My - Gosh!  Love, love, love the soaps!!!  I immediately opened the 'Apple Jack' - it smelled exactly like I thought it would - immediately ran and washed my face with it!  Amazing smell, amazing lather - perfect, just perfect!  My bathroom really smells good from the soap - aromatherapy in a bar! "

“Thank you so much for your wonderful hand made soap.  I hadn’t slept well in months due to my extremely itchy dry skin.  After numerous visits to the dermatologist, a friend at work asked if I had ever considered it might be my soap causing my skin problem.  He gave me a bar of Total Bliss Soap.  He said it had cleared up his red sores on his arms and legs and it was worth a try. I used your soap that night and got the first full night of sleep in months.  My skin stopped itching and has now healed completely.  My family is using it now and all rave about how soft it’s made their skin.  Thank you so much for such a wonderful product!!!”

I bought your Green Tea soap last year when I was going through radiation and chemo.  I was told by my doctors to only use the mildest of products and no scents.  The Green Tea soap was a treat for me and I continued to use it throughout my difficult time. It helped my dry skin tremendously and it gave me such a treat each day.  Thank you for such a wonderful, mild, soothing product. “  

"My whole family just loves your soap!!  It lathers great yet it rinses off completely and doesn’t leave a residue like store bought soaps.  Thank you for such a wonderful product!!  Please send us two cases!"

"I just wanted to tell you that your product is wonderful!  Not only does it not leave  residue on my skin, it makes my skin soft and smell wonderful and it also makes my bathroom smell great."

 "I would like to thank you for creating such wonderful soap. My wife and I have found it’s greatly improved our skin. We’ll never use anything else."

"This is the best soap I’ve ever used!  Keep up the good work!! "

"Hello, I purchased 4 bars of soap at the Treasure Mountain Festival. I love it! I have been having problems with my skin and scalp. I have tried numerous shampoos to get rid of the itch and flaky build up. I have used your soap twice and my scalp is clear. I am a beautician and will be recommending it to my patrons in our shop! Thank you for a great product.!  ! "

"I got some of your soap to try at the Apple Harvest Festival in Martinsburg, WV. I had been interested in going more natural, but skin problems on my daughter's and my hands pushed me to finally do it. I had told you over the phone that it helped! Then I thought I'd try some other companies; natural soaps I'd heard about. Our family liked yours far better than the other four (two other home based companies, two national brands) we tried. The smell (even though we like unscented and it wouldn't seem to matter) the texture, the way our skin feels, the way it holds up, the size and shape in your hand are all better. Thank you!!"





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"It’s selling like hotcakes in my massage salon.  I will need to put in an order for at least l00 bars per month.  Men and women love it and we’ve made it a part of our aromatherapy sessions."

"Thank you very much for your Total Bliss Gourmet Lotion Bar that I bought from you last weekend.  It helped me a lot.  I used it just 4 times and I don’t feel the itching anymore.  I would like to order some more.  Once again thank you, thank you."