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About Total Bliss Gourmet Soap®


Total Bliss Gourmet Soap® is an all-natural handmade soap business, run by Brenda Ritchie. She and her husband live in New Market, Virginia The roots of Total Bliss Gourmet Soap® sprouted in 2003 when Boyd had very bad skin problems and continuously doctored and medicated his skin. He went to the dermatologist every three months and applied steroid medications several times daily. Even after all his diligent efforts he still was faced with extremely itchy raw spots that would not heal. Brenda began researching his problems and found that "store bought" soap is mostly chemicals and detergent. She began creating various formulas and found one that immediately made a huge difference in Boyd's skin. He discovered that the "store bought" soap continually irritated his skin and created the itchy sore spots. Once he began using the special handmade soap, it allowed his skin to finally heal and the itchy spots and sores disappeared. He has not had to go back to the dermatologist since 2003 and became a great believer in the natural handmade soap. They began to give the soap to family and friends who also had skin problems. Soon, calls began to come in from local business owners who had been given the soap by neighbors, etc. They wanted to stock the soap in their stores. Since then Total Bliss Gourmet Soap® has grown to include this E-commerce website and is available in many stores throughout the country.


Total Bliss Gourmet Soap® endeavors to supply our customers with the highest quality handmade soap, excellent customer service and responsiveness to their needs. We strive to respond to the desires of our customers in every way, so that they not only enjoy and benefit from our products, but to make them feel good about us as a company as well. We want every customer not only to visit us again, but to tell others about us.

Please take some time to look over our wide variety of all-natural handmade gourmet soaps. We definitely think that you'll find something you'll want for yourself or that "special someone."

Total Bliss Gourmet Soap® is also available on a wholesale basis. E-mail for additional information.




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It’s selling like hotcakes in my massage salon.I will need to put in an order for at least l00 bars per month. Men and women love it and we’ve made it a part of our aromatherapy sessions.

My whole family just loves your soap!!It lathers great yet it rinses off completely and doesn’t leave a residue like store bought soaps.Thank you for such a wonderful product!! Please send us two cases!